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What is Stumble?

Stumble danceCircus was launched in 2007 by Mish Weaver, then based in West Yorkshire, now Bristol.  The company is all about Circus disciplines being choreographed, written, designed around, to make live performance.  Collaborators and performers come join Stumble to work on a project basis.  When funding has been achieved for a certain amount of time to develop an idea, produce a piece of work, tour a show, whatever it is, there will be a company of people working together for a set time period.  In between those times Mish works freelance; choreographing, directing and designing sets for, mostly circus performance, but also theatre, dance, physical theatre…  She also teaches aerial techniques, various circus disciplines, performance and devising, and investigates the use of text or voice with circus.

In between projects, or even on ones own in a studio, it can be difficult to remember what it is about being an artist that drives us.  This website seeks to help bridge the gaps and link threads, to keep practice alive outside of funding applications and thoughts, inventive and vibrant.

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