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Backgammon for Beginners 2012-13

I directed this show for So and So Circus Theatre in 2011/12.  It was challenging and ultimately satisfying.  Mostly because the company made brave decisions letting us spend a solid 10 weeks working on the material.  We were supported by the amazing Jacksons Lane in London, who gave us rehearsal space and put the show on.  It then went into CircusFest at The Roundhouse Studio space and toured nationally.

The devising was a slow careful process of examining how we wanted to tell the story and which stories we wanted to tell.  We concentrated on how much of what we hear as a child is true, how much we imagine and make up about our parents lives before we were born and in this case, what we imagine to be truths about somewhere we know little about, like Iran.


Backgammongame Backgammonlean Backgammonsomie


Although the acrobatic performance was essentially a duet, there was a third person on stage, the singer Roshi Nasehi, whose astonishing voice and arrangements of popular Iranian songs ran with the narrative throughout.  You can listen to Roshi singing one of our favourites from the show… here.

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