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Technologies of Foolishness

Guest blog! Teo Greenstreet shared his essay on how he feels that observing training for clown performance gives us valuable insights into our responses to challenges of the future.  Below is a brief synopsis. You can read the whole thing here – Technologies of Foolishness. The Technologies of Foolishness: Creativity and Sustainability The fool thinks himself to… Read more

Creative Climate Leadership Course

Creative Climate Leadership Course Thumbnail

I emerged at the beginning of April dazed and knackered from a week at the Centre for Alternative Technology (Wales – fantastic place) where I was lucky enough to be awarded a grant to attend the first Creative Climate Leaderships course run by Julie’s Bicycle (UK) and PiNA (Slovenia). The first weeks back home with… Read more

Can Of Worms BLOG

Can Of Worms BLOG Thumbnail

  2nd September 2016 Picking T-shirts up on Sunday… T-shirt Conversations – A Climate Circus Psychology Experiment. Amazed at how excited I am about producing a range of t-shirts and how starved I must have been recently for outlets for my creativity. Having searched for an ethical product, I have gone with Continental Clothing and… Read more

Verbal Physicality

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Mish Weaver

An ongoing obsession is drawing out the voice of the physical performer.  This has helped nurture my love of writing speech, especially monologues, and encourage performers and students, that I work with, to open up their mouths and let the sounds out. Many years ago I was involved in a project Deadpoint which had the fabulous Bryony… Read more

The Second Breath Film

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Maddie McGowan and Jo Moss

Introducing our recent film from the project The Second Breath, opening up conversation about Climate Change in fresh ways. Ways that hope to engage people to discuss further. And to then do something. Something active and quick. This was filmed at Jacksons Lane in amongst Stumble’s residency for Transmissions last year. It was filmed and edited by Leeds… Read more

Credit where credit is due

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Charles Brockbank and Tom Hunt

With this, Stumble’s new website, I am clear that I want to avoid the generic tool to get supported (God forbid!), to attract funding or kudos. I aim to build something that will genuinely share STUFF to feed off.  I am rapidly realising that this is a truly difficult task. The mould is set.  Company’s… Read more

Building this site

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Welcome to the new look It has thus far been an invigorating process, re-configuring how I would like Stumble to interact with its audiences online and live.  I approached Jan Scott Nelson to build me a new site that would enable people to interact with the actual creative concepts and processes being engaged in… Read more