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In June 2014 I was asked to direct the end of first year show for the Foundation Degree at Circomedia, Bristol. We had essentially ten days in which we worked intensively and it was mostly hilarious. The students were great, and mature about not getting ‘starring roles’ and learning the reality of working with ensemble. I was proud of them, and of what we achieved.

We looked at our views on power and how it may or may not affect people’s minds to have it or to not, as well as status in society. We learnt about The Great British Class Survey (2013) at the bottom of which are the ‘precariats’ who are so disempowered by poverty their lives are literally precarious. The Precariats became our base level for the show.

In September 2014 I started teaching part time at Circomedia school in Bristol. They run a BTEC, a Foundation Degree and a BA (hons) degree in Circus. It is a very different school to The National Centre for Circus Arts in London, where I worked at the beginning of this century (that makes me feels very old). I was attracted to Circomedia because I wanted to be teaching regularly again and I have been impressed at how much fun ex-Circomedia students are to direct. There is a strong focus on Physical Theatre and their abilities to perform in a variety of ways.

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