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Hard Times 2011

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In Manchester 2011, The Library Theatre Company (now merged with The Cornerhouse as HOME) moved out of The Central Library venue.  They took the opportunity to make site specific work while they awaited their new building.  For one production of Dicken’s Hard Times, I was asked to create circus scenes to represent Sleary’s Circus.  It was sited in one of the only Victorian Mills in Ancoats that hadn’t yet been gentrified.  A stunning design (Judith Croft) allowed for the audience to promenade through the Mill building, firstly in amongst atmospheric street scenes and peeping into worker’s domestic scene’s, then being led through the narrative by the actors moving from one set/scene to the next.  The production ended up in our tiny performance setting with wooden benches and ridiculously low ceiling (always a challenge with circus), where two performers animated the would-be travelling circus.

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