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2014 David Ford playing a character loosely based on Abdulrahman Zeitoun. A true hero of Hurricane Katrina, as described in Dave Egger’s brilliant book ‘Zeitoun’.

(we can be) HEROES!

These people are listed here as sources of inspiration because of their work, attitudes, projects and responses…  There is no suggestion that these people are perfect.  Reminds us that plenty of people are doing brilliant things to instigate CHANGE.  

The list will grow as suggestions come in.  Please contribute by commenting below if you think of someone who inspires you around positive or brave environmental action.

Maija Itkonen

Gold & Green Foods 
Developer of a new vegan product “pulled oats” to help families make quick vegan dinners. Sells out in Finland all the time, people are hunting the product online.  They are expanding with other vegan products.

Pierre Rabhi

A farmer family in Saint Claude de Diray, France who has always resisted extensive & chemical agriculture (contrary to others in the village) for the last decade.  Link

Chai Jing

Under the Dome
Documentary about China’s air pollution

Marcus Brigstock

Speaks out and uses comedy to communicate

Ken Ward

Risks prison to shut down pipelines

Tadaslin Kawamata

Japanese site specific sculptor

Under the water

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