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Online Hub Designer wanted for Parade of Horribles

Online Domain/Interactive Media Designer- Parade of Horribles Unlimited Commission 

Mish Weaver/Stumble are seeking a talented individual to create an interactive online hub for our ambitious engagement project.  The Horrible HQ will accompany the development of the project’s touring model, starting in  Bristol, September 2021 and then Stockton-on-Tees (October 2021 towards performances March 2022)  The hub will be a pivotal engagement and communications tool  to enable participants to follow the project and access information way into 2022 and 2023. Parade is funded by Unlimited, produced and commissioned by Arts Admin, in collaboration with Circus City Festival Bristol and Arc, Stockton.

From out of the wreckage of Covid19 and into uncertain climate futures, Parade of Horribles will transform shared lived experience into exquisite and accessible imagery, celebrating difference with empathetic humour, through physical & circus performance, spoken word, & projections on processional structures. Rooted in creative engagement activities with disadvantaged communities, unearthing and deliberating pressing concerns, this roaming devised work will amplify local issues & connect with socially distanced audiences in a free community embedded performance.


Build a domain/website to house activities and information that accompany Parade of Horribles.

This will involve: 

  • Working with the Director to develop a progressive aesthetic and functionality that delivers the project’s ambitions, exploring functionality beyond web pages, using animation, live feeds and conversations to create a lively and versatile hub.
  • Developing relationships and liaising with the creative and production team to ensure a fully realised facility that draws together legacy from engagement activities, invites interaction with the project as it develops, links to a wide spectrum of Climate information and prosocial actions.  
  • Enabling new collaborative projects to be housed within the site and for information to be shared with wide appeal with broad accessibility considerations.
  • Setting up the technical groundwork to a functional site and working within the set budget.  Ensuring that the creative team can post, edit and contribute easily.
  • Supporting the creative team for blogging, documentation, uploading film diaries and troubleshooting personal and technical issues around access to the hub.
  • Running a coherent calendar and keeping it up to date.
  • Collecting feedback and collating team and participant evaluation for inclusion in the hub.
  • Working alongside the film and stills artist to assist in filming and editing for both performance use and for Hub content.

Initially it is envisaged that activities will be carried out under Covid-19 restrictions, using online platforms and social distancing.  It is then hoped that we will move on to a more physical presence in centres and communities, engaging youth and adults in creative workshops or discussions and drawing them into being audience and participant to ensuing performances.  The right person will be able to attend on site when required by the Film maker to assist documentation, filming and technical support for virtual events.

Person Specification

The right person will be a great communicator, equally happy working from home at their computer as filming strangers engaging in outdoor activities, or helping troubleshoot online and technical difficulties within the scope of the collaborator’s technical means (ie. work around low tech equipment, older phones and clunky laptops.)  As a Climate conscious project we will be mindful that those without smartphones or ipads are enabled to interact with us.

You will have a track record for access and inclusive practice, with experience of working on projects with diversity at their core, or community based initiatives.  Knowledge of technical advances with BSL or audio description is very welcome.

You will be confident with a diverse selection of people and well versed in offering clear and accessible explanations. You will have skills to support these endeavours, or the ability to offer support to a variety of neurodivergent styles.

Investment in the ethical and emotional direction of the project.  The project has Climate Psychology at its core, so a mature appreciation of climate communication and effective language is important.  You will not be asked to prove your green credentials but must have a genuine desire to work towards change for the better via empathy and understanding other peoples’ lived experiences.

We are especially keen to hear from people of colour or from minority ethnic backgrounds, people with disabilities or impairments that are either visible or not, neurodivergent people or those from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds.

For this first stage there is an assured fee of £2000 with further potential creative development that is dependent on future funding outcomes.

Please apply with a letter or video of intention (responding to the project brief and introducing your experience),  some links to previous work and a contact for a referee who we will contact if you are shortlisted.  The deadline is July 12th 2021 but you are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.  We will follow up with zoom conversations with shortlisted applicants and hope to engage the right person by Aug 2nd.

Email Paige Ofosu-Asaa at to apply.

More information about Unlimited Commissions can be found at Mish Weaver — Parade of Horribles – Unlimited (  and Stumble’s old (and out of date) site is at and previous work can be seen on Mish Weaver’s You Tube Channel.

Any questions please email Paige or Mish Weaver at

Please feel free to apply in a way that best suits your style of communication.

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