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Parade of Horribles

Parade research at Bristol Old Vic with Lyn Routledge


The premise of parading those very things that people do not  want to talk about, down  the high street. 



Questions put to the people of Liverpool by performer David Ford

6 Horribles were to be represented by one bespoke promenade structure each, designed by  Mish Weaver and animated by a skilled circus performer.  Each was drawn from subjects  that people struggle to be open about:

Death, Disorder, Imperfection, Communication, Disgust and Shame.

The Horribles were investigated with performers and public, charities and experts. 

By the end of the research period it was identified that there was one simple caveat Horrible.  Climate Change and within that by it’s presence or absence was the caveat theme: Empathy.

We worked with Bristol Old Vic, Skylight Circus in Rochdale and Black E in Liverpool.  Performers involved included  Maddie McGowan, Dan Edge, Matt Mulligan, Hamish Tjeung, Alice Ellerby, Paddy Waters, Steve Ryan, Tom Ball, David Ford, Emma Norrin, Darryl Harrington, Alice Allart.  Research was assisted by Dr Tina Carter.

Parade of Horribles only got as far as Research and Development.  One day, I will be brave enough and strong enough to pursue it further, with enough support.  In 2014, after three weeks of studio and street based exploration I felt defeated by the concept, which was, to be honest, insane and brilliant and altogether too close to the bone to get  supported.

Six elements of a simple machine.  Six Horribles

Paddy Waters and Alice Allart at BlackE, Liverpool

Tom Ball at BlackE, Liverpool

Emma Norrin at Skylight, Rochdale

Lyn Routledge, Maddie McGowan, Hamish Tjeung, Darryl Harrington, Matt Mulligan, Steve Ryan, Alice Ellerby and Paddy Waters at Bristol Old Vic.

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