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Performers wanted for Parade of Horribles

FAQs – see below

Opportunity – 2 x Circus performers for outdoor performance project

Deadline – July 19th 2021

Timescale – 4 weeks during Oct 2021 and March 2022 with more dates to follow

Location – Online, Bristol and Stockton-on-Tees

Fee – £550/week plus Per Diems

Stumble/Mish Weaver and Artsadmin are looking for circus performers for an ambitious outdoor engagement performance project Parade of Horribles.  At this stage there are two roles for circus performers for 4 weeks of engagement activities, devising and street performance.  The roles will demand investment into working with varied community groups and towards better understanding of Climate Change Psychology and exploring empathy.  It is envisaged that this project will develop with a core cast of 7 performers into 2022 and 2023, with long stretches in different locations.

We particularly encourage performers of colour or from minority ethnic backgrounds to apply.  We are very keen to hear from performers from disadvantaged backgrounds, or with disabilities, so we can build towards a variety of voices, physicalities and perspectives in our creative team.

There are unfortunately no aerial or juggling roles left.  Aerialists and Jugglers please don’t apply unless you are offering a high level secondary discipline that is not aerial or small object manipulation.

We are interested in an accomplished level in the following skills:

Hula hoop


Acro Dance, Acrobatics, Breaking

Hand to hand or handstand

Prop-based movement – for example dancers and acrobats who work with their crutches, wheel chair, weight bearing props…

(very) Physical Comedy 

Trick Cycle

Parkour or Calisthenics

Wire, tightrope, slack rope…


Sign dance

Escapology/ Sword swallowing/ Strongperson

Close range Magic

Chinese Pole

Climbing Wall movement

In addition to your circus/physical discipline it is essential that you have at least three of the following skills/experience to confident levels:

Voice performance


Improvisation (vocal, movement, theatrical or on weight bearing props)

Interacting with audiences

Leading community based activities

Solo performance

Puppetry involving your body as well

You do not need to prove any Green credentials but it is imperative that you are fully invested in making performance that communicates about Climate Change, that seeks to understand Climate Psychology and the needs of others.  The project’s aim is to appreciate varied lived experiences and share new forms of empathy on the assumption that without empathy we are not going to be able to make the change necessary.  Performers will be involved in difficult conversations, challenging scenarios and will need to be brave, resourceful and brilliant listeners.  It is envisaged that the project will be a steep learning curve for everyone involved.  You will need to be able to be generous and self-managing and as performers you will need to be brave and independent as you will perform solo, outdoors, durationally and processional..

At this stage we have a development period of 4 weeks mostly to be carried out in Stockton-On-Tees.  Sept/Oct 2021 and then March 2022.  This first stage will build towards a touring model taking the whole team to new locations and growing new performance material and set structures as it progresses, and as Covid allows us to be more ambitious with our engagement of audiences.  This stage represents a probation period towards building a team for the future.

The project is funded by Unlimited and Artsadmin, produced by Artsadmin and partners with Circus City Festival in Bristol and Arc, Stockton-on-Tees.

Please apply with a letter or video of intention (responding to the project brief and introducing your skills),  links to previous work or showreel and details of a referee who we can contact if you are shortlisted.  The deadline is July 19th 2021 but you are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.  We will follow up with either zoom conversations or in person auditions with shortlisted applicants and hope to engage the right person by Aug 13th.

Email Paige Ofosu-Asaa at to apply.

More information about Unlimited Commissions can be found at Mish Weaver — Parade of Horribles – Unlimited (  and Stumble’s old (and out of date) site is at

Examples of Stumble’s work can be found on Mish Weaver’s You Tube channel 

Any questions please email Paige or Mish Weaver at

Please feel free to apply in a way that best suits your style of communication.


FAQs – Questions coming in…

Can we apply as a duet?

Yes, duets could work well. Performers will however need to also be able to perform solo though and there is always a possibility that only one of you will be offered a role and that might be difficult

Do you want an assistant director?

I am afraid the budget currently only stretches to the roles advertised – 2 performers, 1 musician and a web designer. It is hoped that Parade project will build and new roles will keep being created.

I am an aerialist/juggler – will my secondary skill be good enough for your show?

Parade of Horribles is not a show. It is an engagement project and there will be small performance elements in the street. Performers will need to be able to perform solo and hold their own, alone in the street (with stewards) and potentially with only incidental audiences to interact with. Performers will be actively involved in all the engagement work that will precede any performance. We don’t need aerial or juggling skills because we already have two aerialists and two jugglers.


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