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Where can SWAY commissions be carried out?

Anywhere in the UK.  Overseas collaborations are fine with one main artist resident in the UK and no air travel as a result of the commission.  Every successful SWAY artist will attend the Symposium, February 15th and/or 16th 2019, at Jacksons Lane Theatre, London.  All artists are responsible for having enough budget left to be able to attend and present an appropriate element of their project to the Symposium attenders.  It is hoped that no-one will fly in order to attend the Symposium and digital conferencing technology will be used to increase access to the event, including bringing in speakers and audiences.  Link ups could be used to support SWAY presentations at Jacksons Lane by bringing in those unable to be present.  However at least one SWAY artist is required to attend in person.

Can I come up with an idea purely for a SWAY application?

Absolutely.  If these commissions result in artists pondering about their engagement and dreaming up ways to connect with audiences in totally new ways then we will consider it successful.  If you have an idea that doesn’t quite fit the bill you could always come up with a different one or create a separate element of engagement and prosocial thinking that might inform your original idea.  If you want to use SWAY funds towards your making and devising of an issue based piece you will be missing the point, but there is no harm in a SWAY project going on to informing such work, just not as part of the SWAY budget.

Does the project have to result in a performance?

Performing is at the heart of SWAY, and performing bodies is the criteria.  However, SWAY commissions are not to support you to make a show, it is absolutely not about the making of issue-based work.   Obviously there will be performance material made, and you might end up performing as part of your engagement experiment, but SWAY commissions are not designed to fund part of a production period, they are stand alone moments which may or may not inform future productions.

Who is on the panel?

The panel has not yet been confirmed but it will be three or four people representing the following:

  • Socially engaged programming 
  • Radical practice or engagement specialist
  • circus, dance or physical performance
  • political activism or environmental science working on psychology
My hopes for the future of what? The world? The project?  Other people? My self?
Good Question!  This is really for research purposes to gain an idea of how performers and artists are feeling about the future in general, so any answer is appropriate.  Whatever it is that occurs to you.
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