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Serious Circus Symposium 2019 (images from 2017)

HOLD THE DATES! The Second Symposium is happening (no more date changes!)

February 15th and 16th 2019

Jacksons Lane, London. N6 5AA

February 11th to 14th, Serious Circus and Jacksons Lane are offering space to think, debate, workshop, explore, plan, argue, whatever your will, at Jackson lane.  To apply for this free resource, send a brief description of what you want to do and what you need (e.g. a small space to hold a discussion between several people and connections to those interested in sustainable practice in Street Theatre… OR the Theatre space for a day to experiment with the power to shock and inspire audiences towards action, etc.) email


3 x £2k commissions for artists who use the performing human body as their primary means of expression, perhaps from Circus, Dance, Physical Theatre, Live Art…  Inviting artists to think radically about how their work might create CHANGE within society, cause a knock-on effect and lead to action.  Sway is hoped to spark meaningful trial and error, empathetic and prosocial antagonism and lead to experiments in positively provoking others.  Commissioned artists will present at the 2nd Serious Circus Symposium on Feb 15th-16th 2019, at Jacksons Lane, London. 

Applications deadline is midnight on 9/11/18.  Further information at Sway commissions


Also connected to the Symposium is a project with Kids on The Green  Call out for Parcour and Freerunning artists coming very soon (Sept 2018)

We will be programming a public show Night of Serious Circus for Jacksons Lane 15th Feb 2019, as part of the Symposium.  Very interested to hear from artists working with radical methods or material – with the performing body, for consideration.



The first SCS was held THURSDAY 28th SEPT 2017  at Circomedia BRISTOL 

Read below for information on the 2017 programme

The Symposium was self-funded (apart from a contribution as a Creative Climate Leadership Dissemination Event).  It was made possible via funds raised running the performers’ workshop on 29th Sept and ticket sales.  This paid for speakers’ and performers’ expenses and hire of the venue.  Circomedia donated the space for a nominal fee, as support for the venture.

For Circus, Physical Theatre and Dance practitioners who are interested in live performance that not only deals with serious issues, but aspires to activism.  For artists, performers, directors, producers, funders and journalists, dancers, trapeze artists, clowns, events managers, teachers, coaches, to come together and discuss practice, approaches, opportunities and challenges.  To share experience of maintaining integrity and develop a community of support and momentum for moving forwards.

  • Speakers – 10 minute talks with time for questions – focus on what is possible.
  • Performances – short excerpts and mini pieces.
  • Discussion – short open space styled session and action learning sets to promote listening and exchanges.
  • Talks – a few slightly longer talks in the afternoon.
  • Soap box session where people will have 60 seconds to flag up a personal project.
  • Working Party – Looking at sustainable practice in Circus, with guidance from a bit of research.
  • Closing stocktake towards future events or collaborations, with action planning.

The programme is being continually developed and guests will be announced leading up to the event.


With a few speakers we will consider how to learn from the Green Circus pioneers in order to affect Contemporary Circus practice and policy:

Andy Hope – Croissant Neuf – Andy created a solar powered circus from scratch and has been a pioneer of green ideas and technologies in outdoor performance and production for 30 years.

Teo Greenstreet – One of the co-founders of Circus Space ,Teo was responsible for developing the extraordinary site that is now National Centre of Circus Arts.  He was one of the first Clore Fellows and now leads organisation change focused around sustainability, clients including Centre Director at Greentop and Development Director at Curious School of Puppetry.

Other speakers
Andrea Carr – Designer

Make Design Matter.  Can design for performance add to the conversation around current issues?

Mish Weaver – Circus Director

Do Artists have a responsibility to desire and promote change for the good?

and performance by Charles Brockbank from Stumble’s current project ‘Can of Worms’.

Ali Williams with Paul Evans – Circus Producer – Social Circus  – Talking  about her experience with social and community circus, and current project  ‘As a Tiger in the jungle.’  Paul (Crashmat Collective) works on issues around Gender and travelled to Nepal to work with Circus Kathmandu and recently Palestine to direct circus there.

Performance input:

Laura Murphy – Aerialist and Phd Fellow

using academia to create radical  performance , including live performance from her recent performance ‘Contra’ – interrogates social, historical and personal occupations of the female body

Trapeze performance by recent Circomedia graduate Tilly Lee-Kronick from ‘Ripe’

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