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Shift 2008

It was on this project that I decided that my learning curves had hit vertical and I could do without learning anything for a bit.  Lindsey Butcher and I worked long and hard to create a process that would harness (no pun intended…) what we had learnt on the previous Gravity and Levity show ‘Taking Flight’ and unwittingly set ourselves an unbelievably difficult task – namely for me to design a tranformable set for three different choreographers to create on.

For me, it was a fascinating process of research with Lindsey.  We spent hours playing with floating objects, harnesses at different points, large sheets of cloth.  In the end the fabulous rigger Jonothan Campbell had to try and make sense of my ‘mind-boggling set’ (Donald Hutera) which had no less than 70 ropes for him to organise.

Our starting point was the land shifting from beneath our feet and there were so many proposals for set that didn’t get used I reckon I have a whole other show in there…

vertical-pole Guildford-b

Link to Gravity and Levity

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