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T Shirt Conversations

‘That Tshirt is massive on you.’ Men’s large extra long. Blue on Black.

Do you ever talk about Climate Change?  What would it be like if you did?  How do other people feel about it?  How is  it affecting the way we behave?

Can of Worms Tshirt conversations aims to:

Open up conversations

Fundraise for a circus show that is a hard sell (being about Climate Change Psychology)

Research how people are being affected by their feelings about the future

Each Tshirt is accompanied by a conversation starter with an (optional) invitation to talk to others and supported by links to Stumble website.

Ladies slim fit. Black on Pink.

Ladies slim fit. Black on Pink.

Men’s classic medium. Black on Orange.

Mens slim fit. Black on grey.

Blue on Green

lots of classic t’s in blue on black/green or black on grey/orange. Twig not included.

Tshirts are £16.50 each plus postage.  They arrive with some conversation threads that you might try.  We ask that you feedback your experiences of wearing the shirts, talking to strangers, or send a picture of you wearing it…  You don’t HAVE to do any of these things.  Simply buying a shirt contributes to the fund to make  Can of  Worms.

There are vests as well… Blue on Black, ladies and mens.

to order/ask about colours and sizes email:

or message us on facebook Stumbledc

or comment below…

All photos  by Rowan Virgo.  Thanks Rowan.

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